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My name is Shahab 

I offer online tutoring for university statistics and probability courses. 

rate . $50 per 55 mins . subjects . statistics . probability . stochasticity . econometrics . biometrics . software . excel . spss . stata. R . jamovi . jasp .   


BSc MSc university of british columbia

thesis specialization - evolutionary game theory (mathematical modeling of evolutionary systems)

tutored & consulted 100+ clients on stats.

statistics workshop instructor at ubc.

4.15 gpa or 91% average & premier scholar, ubc's most prestigious academic designation 

trek scholar - top 5% in the faculty

co-discoverer of a potential drug for alzheimer's disease

predictive maths and statistics modeler (R, mathematica, matlab)

first-author publications in peer-reviewed science journals 


There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the support I receive from Shahab at Hoops Tutoring. As part of my degree, I had to take a quantitative research course. Despite having completed the first course, the second part of the course required me to use a lot of statistics, which was beyond my understanding. It would be an understatement to say I was overwhelmed. I searched for days for a tutor, and with only two days remaining for an assignment due, I came across Shahab's website Hoops Tutoring. He was quick in responding, very organized, reviewed my assignment before our meeting and was very patient. Shahab broke down the various tests to a level that I understood and answered all of my repeated questions without judgement or frustration. I usually do not write reviews; however, I feel so strongly about the tutoring services I received from Shahab that I needed to share with others looking for a tutor. I have already shared his contact information with friends enrolling in the same course in the fall and spring, and if you are looking for someone knowledgeable, patient and honest, then Shahab is your guy! Thank you again! – maria s.

“Upon meeting Shahab, I was struggling in statistics and it was apparent that I needed extra help outside of office hours with my prof. I am fortunate that Shahab's strong background in math and statistics as well as his familiarity with UBC courses really helped me in my statistics course. Shahab is a patient individual who takes the time to review complex concepts at a pace that worked for me. It is through his adaptability and interest to help his students that he makes our sessions interesting and approachable. Throughout our sessions, we would work on concepts in full before jumping to the next section. He prepared detailed chapter outlines which gave me an additional study resource that better prepared me for quizzes and problem sets. In my experience of being tutored, Shahab brought clarity to a subject that I was not confident in and allowed me to stay on track with my peers.” – monica y.

"Shahab tutored me for STATS 302 at UBC, a course that I think most tutors don't cover because it's a bit more advanced. I reached out to him with an emergency, since I had just failed the midterm I needed what was essentially a rescue for my grade. I was stunned with the level of mastery that Shahab had over the content, additionally, he was very patient with me since I was struggling to understand some basic concepts. I always looked forward to our sessions where he was incredibly well prepared with summaries of each section and problems selected from past finals that related to those sections. In the end I managed to finish with a B- thanks to Shahab!"– danny i.

“I highly recommend Shahab to anyone who is interested in getting tutoring. It has been a pleasure to work with Shahab and refresh my statistics knowledge. If in need, I would do it anytime again without hesitation. Shahab is a very intelligent tutor, who wants his students to understand the concepts and succeed. He is very kind, always on time, and engages vividly with his students. He listens to your problems, and tries to find a way to solve them, even if it means for him to invest time to understand the issue more in depth. I am convinced, that he will be a great teacher and mentor for many more students throughout his career, and I recommend him warmly. You are lucky to be Shahab’s student!” – ebru i.

"Shahab helped me with intermediate quantitative method statistics course (STAT 3223 @ Langara College). I hired Shahab because I was struggling with the course and was hoping to finish the course with at least a C+ letter grade. Shahab was able to explain the material and breakdown the concept very effectively. My final grade was an “A” and I was short by 3% for an “A+”. Shahab is very knowledgeable in statistics. He is flexible with his schedule and meeting places and his charges are very reasonable. I would recommend Shahab to any STAT student for tutoring and I give him an “A+” rating." – yogesh p.

"Shahab is the best private tutor/teacher for stats I have ever imagined to have! He is a life-saver. He taught me the same material I was having issues to understand at college, and magically it all made sense overnight. He explains in a easy way that the whole comes together and I nailed my midterm and final exam. Thanks Shahab for all the effort you put in our classes to teach me, and make me have a great final grade!...By the way, I was almost failing the course, and he saved me. Next course is ahead, and I am already looking forward to having our skype classes. Thank-YOU!" – cynthia h.

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