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A program for developing an undeniable foundation in scientific and mathematical theory & an unwavering discipline & focus. We help our students not only succeed academically but also creatively. 

About the Program

Teaching Sessions

Private meetings with the student focused on:

Theory Building  

Through interaction and argument, fundamentals of theory are taught to allow students to be fearless in face of confusion without resorting to cheap conclusions. Students are expected to not simply accept theory but to be convinced by it. 

 Problem Solving  

Problem solving sessions focus on applying theory. We help students recognize and learn the techniques for addressing different problem types. We elevate pre-exam confidence through exercises that address speed and focus.

Creative Participation

All learning in our program motivates students to change and improve on their understandings of the nuances of theory and their problem solving techniques as they interact with more information and questions. 


Library Sessions

Three weekly 3-hour sessions of focused work for learning the physical techniques of studying:


 writing plans that minimize stress 

Running Up

finding a work rhythm

Teen Ballet Dancer

focusing for prolonged periods 


24/7 Access

Round the clock access to mentors

Students' lives can be chaotic and certain tasks (ex. projects) might require immediate attention.  

We make ourselves available to students throughout the day; if they are dealing with confusion, they never need to resort to cheap or easy fixes and instead can contact us.  

It also allows for access to tips and tricks for finding resources efficiently, and for skipping unnecessary complications that other students might get stuck on.

This helps students start assignments with more momentum and confidence. 

about us

About Us


We are two young educators with the sole intention of offering education of highest quality. 

Our strategy does not focus on expansion; We are soley focused on finding creative solutions for students and betting on their success. 



Alireza’s unique talent in organizing in the community – from creating the “inspiring creativity” program in elementary schools, to giving talks in various high schools in Vancouver, to creating theoretical groups for university students, to more than 10 years of teaching experience – provides students with a creative mentor that is experienced with developing structures and techniques that fit different types of learners.

Shahab’s one of a kind success in educational institutions – from being a top graduate of IB, to receiving the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship while being a first author in an important neuroscience paper at UBC, to completing his MSc in mathematical modeling in one of the best labs in the world – provides students with a mentor that can lay the tracks for success in their short- and long-term academic and institutional goals.


Ali tutored me in math through my grade 12 year in 2013. At the time, I was in the process of completing pre-calculus 11 Online, meaning that there was no class portion of the course, and thus, no teacher. I called upon Ali’s services, essentially, to fill this gap—for him to take the role of teacher or lecturer, as I completed the course at my own pace. I was extremely pleased with Ali’s abilities, and I believe that he excelled in the role due to his: personality, understanding of the subject matter, and exceptional ability to teach.


Firstly, Ali has an extremely agreeable personality. The relationship between tutor and pupil is rarely as natural and relaxed as ours was. Although there are several years between myself and Ali, I always felt as though I was being addressed as a peer—even when, as far as math goes, we are far from it. This inferred respect that Ali gives makes it easy to ask question or admit that something doesn’t make sense. Ali’s visits were never dreaded, I felt as though a friend of mine was coming over to help with some math.


Ali’s understanding of the basic mathematical concepts was evident. While he hadn’t even considered the type of math we were covering in years, Ali was able to teach me solely through his firm grasp of the underlying concepts. Ali would urge me to go further than what was necessary of the course—often the simple memorization of formulae—and reason, why use that formula there? He introduced me practices in critical thinking which I called upon again during university-level math courses, habits that stuck even years later.


Finally, not always present in those exceptional at any craft, Ali possesses the ability to teach concepts with ease. Ali’s teaching methods were top-rate, explanations were thought out, questions were answered in great detail, and most importantly, it was clear that he was passionate about the material. As I mentioned previously, Ali was not concerned with simple memorization, or teaching the minimum to succeed. Ali wanted me to embrace the fundamentals of mathematical thinking; he wanted me to approach every question with a cool, logical system, ready to dismantle any problem into its bare parts. Was this extent of critical thinking necessary for Pre-Calculus 11? Absolutely not. That is what, I believe, made Ali such a fantastic teacher and tutor.


-Conor B.

Ali tutored me in grade 11, helping me climb over the many conceptual walls in a first time physics class. Having Ali as a tutor allowed me to fully understand the material in the course and further sparking my interest. I am now studying engineering at McGill and can say that without Ali that I might not be where I am. His passion and compassion is something I will always look up to.


-Michael C.

Ali was my tutor in grades 11 and 12. I was struggling through early pre-calculus and things just weren't clicking. Ali started helping me with my calculus work and it was like night and day. He knows the content very well and is very good at explaining the theories behind the problems and the methods used. Ali is a very smart man and would be a fantastic calculus teacher.


-Colin E.

Upon meeting Shahab, I was struggling in statistics and it was apparent that I needed extra help outside of office hours with my prof. I am fortunate that Shahab's strong background in math and statistics as well as his familiarity with UBC courses really helped me in my statistics course. Shahab is a patient individual who takes the time to review complex concepts at a pace that worked for me. It is through his adaptability and interest to help his students that he makes our sessions interesting/approachable. Through our sessions, we would work on concepts in full before jumping to the next section. He prepared detailed chapter outlines which gave me an additional study resource that better prepared me for quizzes and problem sets. In my experience of being tutored, Shahab brought clarity to a subject that I was not confident in and allowed me to stay on track with my peers.


-Monica Y.

I highly recommend Shahab to anyone who is interested in getting tutoring. It has been a pleasure to work with Shahab and refresh my statistics knowledge. If in need, I would do it anytime again without hesitation. Shahab is a very intelligent tutor, who wants his students to understand the concepts and succeed. He is very kind, always on time, and engages vividly with his students. He listens to your problems, and tries to find a way to solve them, even if it means for him to invest time to understand the issue more in depth. I am convinced, that he will be a great teacher and mentor for many more students throughout his career, and I recommend him warmly. You are lucky to be Shahab’s student!


-Ebru I.


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