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My name is Shahab & I offer tutoring for statistics & probability courses at all levels. 

I strive to create a non-judgmental environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring sources of their confusion.


Statistics at all levels, including university and graduate level. 


$65 per 55-minutes;

I offer sliding scale occasionally. 


R . SPSS . Stata . Excel

Jamovi . JASP . SPSS Syntax 


sample size & power calculations, z-tests, t-tests, anova, ancova, manova, correlation, multiple & hierarchical regression, chi-squared analyses, mediation analysis, logistic regression, survival analysis, odds ratio analyses, mantel-haenszel test, reliability analysis, non-parametric tests, etc.


"Shahab is an exceptionally bright, patient, and dedicated tutor who has an innate ability to make the most complicated of content easy to understand. He was my tutor for graduate level multivariate linear regression and he was incredibly flexible in his tutoring approach, using multiple methods for explaining the same concept (i.e. graphically, verbally, and using equations). It was commonplace for Shahab to go above and beyond, evaluating the course content prior to our meetings, and following up with information that he thought would be useful between sessions. In addition to the stats content, he also has an extremely solid knowledge base in R. I learned more from him than my stats professor and because of Shahab I feel confident in my understanding of regression analyses and R no longer feels like a black box. I recommend him hundreds of times over, I wish I had the opportunity to work with him earlier ! Worth his weight in gold, honestly." 

Samantha F.

"I feel very fortunate to have had Shahab as my tutor for my return to a graduate-level study. Having been away from quantitative research for many years, I was faced with having to both re-learn and learn anew a set of statistical methods appropriate to my research design. Shahab immensely cut down the amount of time it would have taken for me to do this on my own. Instead of wading through resource after resource, Shahab guided my vision and helped me to thoroughly understand the relevant statistics needed. He also was able to effectively introduce me to the R software environment and help me through sticking points in the learning process. Thanks to Shahab's ability to explain core ideas and underlying logics of both stats and R, I now have the statistical know-how and software abilities to do much on my own. He was agile in his answering of my diverse questions (using concrete examples when needed), was able to identify what I needed from the outset and always ensured to be as prepared as possible." 

Shon S.

"There are no words to describe our family's gratitude to Shahab for the help and support in Statistics he provided to my child this year. Shahab went over and above, not only patiently teaching and explaining the material, but also in his encouragement and trying his best to be available whenever needed. Statistics is as much of an art as it is a science. Shahab has an extraordinary way of being able to break down the most complex ideas and concepts and simplifying it into a way that a student looking at this for the first time can readily understand. He is patient, kind and encouraging, and is able to build confidence in his students, thereby enabling them to start off on a strong foundation that they can then take off and independently think for themselves! After all, is this not the signature of a great teacher? That he or she equips every student with the skills and strategies they need to stand on their own feet and excel. Shahab, thank you so much. The year would have been very different if not for your help. You are an extraordinary teacher and any student would be privileged to have the chance to work and learn from you."

Lynette N.


I will respond within 24 hrs. Make sure to check your email. Thanks. 

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